Early Analysis of Supreme Court Oral Argument in Arizona Redistricting Case

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Hear are early assessments of the Supreme Court’s oral argument yesterday in Arizona Legislative Black Caucus v. Arizona. Click the links for analysis.

SCOTUSBLOG: Argument analysis: Literalism vs. the power of the people

NYT: Court Skeptical of Arizona Plan for Less-Partisan Congressional Redistricting

NPR: Supreme Court Seems Divided Over Independent Redistricting Commissions

Politico: High Court Hears Redistricting Case

Election Law Blog: Analysis: Supreme Court Looks to Endanger Citizen Redistricting Commissions and MORE

Christian Science Monitor: Supreme Court: Can independent commissions draw redistricting lines?



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  1. Listen to Supreme Court Oral Argument in the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Case –
  2. SCOTUSNow Predicts Winner / Losers in Arizona Redistricting Case by Question Count –

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