Month: April 2015

Supreme Court Looks Past Weak Pleadings to Find Potential Racial Gerrymander in Alabama Map

The Supreme Court’s recent opinion remanding a challenge by Black state officials to the 2012 Alabama Legislative district map back to a federal district court is relatively short for a majority opinion but chock full of legal nuggets as the justices’ focused on several bases for returning this case back to a lower court to… Read More ›

Yakima City Council Settles on ACLU Map

Washington: On Tuesday, the Yakima City Council decided not to appeal a recent federal court decision overturning its at-large election system and approving a district map drawn by one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit; the ACLU. Read more in the Yakima Herald Republic.

Supreme Court Declines Review of North Carolina Voting Laws

North Carolina: The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a request to review of the legality of North Carolina’s new voting identification laws and other restrictions on voting intended to curb voter fraud. Read more in the Hill here.

Appeals Court Overturns Lawyer Fees in Texas Redistricting Case

AUSTIN, TX — A federal appeals panel has reversed a decision granting roughly $360,000 in legal fees to lawyers who helped former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis fend off Republican-drawn political boundaries as part of a yearslong court fight over Texas’ redistricting maps. Read more in the San Antonio Express. Read the Opinion here.

Lawsuit Alleges Prison Gerrymandering in Florida County

The ACLU of Florida has launched a salvo against prison gerrymandering. It filed this lawsuit against a Florida county’s inclusion of a state prison in its legislative map. The press release is below. March 9, 2015 MIAMI, FL – Today, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida filed a federal lawsuit challenging an election… Read More ›

Understanding Prison Gerrymandering and Its Cure: Prisoner Reallocation

Long overlooked in the context of redistricting, prisoners are counted by the U.S. Census Bureau as residents of the institutions they are incarcerated in. The goal of redistricting electoral boundaries at the state and local levels is to create equally populated districts that ensure every voter’s vote has equal weight in an election. A consensus… Read More ›