Month: September 2015

Top Redistricting Litigator Talks “Texas” in Latest ELB Podcast

Electionlawblog’s Rick Hasen talks voting rights and redistricting litigation with Nina Perales of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. This podcast series explores the world of election law and its ever evolving policy.

Fallout Over Redistricting “Prisoners” Comments in Florida

VIDEO: State Representative Janet Adkins is feeling the backlash from the comments she made in a private meeting about how Republicans may be able to defeat the democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Source: Fallout over redistricting comments

NCSL Covers the Evolution of the Voting Rights Act

Is the Voting Rights still relevant in 2015? How has it changed voting since 1965? How has it been transformed along the way? Is it still an effective shield against state laws that hinder minority voting?

Bernard Grofman Selected by Virginia Court to Redraw Congressional Map

Richmond, VA: Dr. Bernard Grofman, an economics and political science professor at the University of California, Irvine has been selected by a federal district court panel in Virginia as the expert line drawer for the states’ embattled congressional map.

A Fight Over Transparency in the Virginia Congressional District Court Case

Richmond Va: The fight over Virginia’s 3rd congressional district continues as the various defendants in the case petitioned the District Court to allow the various maps proposed to the court be posted online. The court has already determined that the 3rd district enacted by the Richmond legislature and governor in 2012 improperly diluted minority voter… Read More ›

Will the Court’s Arizona Decision Spawn More Independent Commissions?

Now that the Supreme Court has sanctioned Independent Redistricting Commissions brought about by voter ballot intiatives, will more states follow? Is this an effective way to thwart Republican gerrymanders? Michael Sargeant and Mark Schauer ponder these questions in this article in The Hill Blog. They point out that ballot initiatives are not widely available among the… Read More ›