Month: October 2015

Alabama Closes DMV Offices After Voter ID Enacted. Democrats Cry Foul

Controversy is brewing over an ill-timed executive decision affecting Alabama DMV offices.

Weekly Update

Florida: Special Session for Redistricting Begins With its congressional map tied up in the courts, legislators in Florida have convened a another special session to redraw state senate lines in an effort to head off court invalidation. It is scheduled to last three weeks and state news organizations report it is likely to be a… Read More ›

One Person?/Voter?/Citizen? One Vote

Does the constitution guarantee every person the right to an equally weighted vote? or just to eligible voters? or perhaps just citizens?

Census Bureau to Release 2020 Census Operational Plan

MEDIA ADVISORY: CB15-168 Census Bureau to Release 2020 Census Operational Plan What: U.S. Census Bureau officials will release and discuss the operational plan for conducting the2020 Census during a live stream of the fall quarterly program management review for the public, key stakeholders and oversight bodies. Additionally, the Census Bureau will provide updates on other census topics, including 2015… Read More ›