Month: March 2016

Nevada DMV Gets Failing Grade for Voter Registration

Nevada – The DMV in Las Vegas is dropping the ball when it comes to complying with federal Motor Voter law, which requires states to offer voter registration applications at DMV offices.  Several national civil rights groups have voiced their displeasure with Nevada’s current  practices when it comes to complying with this decades old law. … Read More ›

Legislative Privilege Slows Down Virginia State Legislative Map Lawsuit

Virginia – Reform organization OneVirginia2021 wants to get into State court and litigate what they say is a heavily gerrymandered State legislative district map.  A bipartisan group of legislators wants to settle the issue of legislative privilege first. That is; whether they have to deliver to their litigation opponents, private communications between themselves and third-party… Read More ›

An 8 Member Supreme Court Could Be a Boon to Minority Voting Rights

The late Justice Scalia was “no friend” to voting rights, and his absence could mean the court deadlocks on upcoming decisions regarding redistricting, voter ID, one-man one vote, and more.  This just isn’t about cases either, the court takes various requests for interlocutory orders, which can have significant effects on an election.  Josh Gerstein of… Read More ›

Common Cause Conference Gives Glimpse Into Post-Shelby Activity in the South

Washington, DC – On March 8 – 9, Common Cause held its Blueprint for a Great Democracy convention.  This session on Race, Redistricting, and Representation gives an extensive overview of redistricting / voting issues in the South and Southwest, especially since the Supreme Court’s Shelby decision. Speakers include Allison Riggs, Senior Attorney, Southern Coalition for… Read More ›

Supreme Court: Incumbent Congressman Has a Right to His District?

Washington, DC – This was congressman’s Rep. Randy Forbes (R., Va.) argument Monday at the Supreme Court.  In an attempt to overturn a federal court in Richmond’s congressional map, congressman Forbes asserted his right as an incumbent not to have “his” district altered to his disadvantage; a novel legal argument to say the least.  Read the… Read More ›