Evenwel SCOTUS Decision News and Analysis Round Up

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Scotus-600xThe first round of media, academia and policy wonks have weighed in on the somewhat surprising unanimous decision by the Supreme Court this week in the much anticipated equal population case Evenwel v. Abbott.  Here is the News Analysis Round-up:




How A Challenge to Legislative Redistricting Backfired.  The Atlantic

CVAP (Citizens of Voting Age Population) Lives to Fight Another Day.  Forbes

The Supreme Court upheld ‘one person, one vote.’ But don’t expect

the battle over counting Americans to end.  Wash. Post

Analysis: In Texas Case, Supreme Court Rules Nonvoters are People, Too. Texas Tribune

District Fight May Persist in Texas After Supreme Court Ruling.  NY Times

Justice Ginsburg Goes Originalist.  Wall Street Journal

Opinion analysis: Leaving a constitutional ideal still undefined. Scotusblog

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