Month: May 2016

If Voting Rights Had A Flavor, What Would It Be?

North Carolina – Find out on May 17 when Ben & Jerry’s along with the North Carolina NAACP unveil this new voting rights inspired ice cream flavor.  The unveiling, part of new voting rights campaign is scheduled to take place on the campus of North Carolina Central University in Durham at 11 a.m.  Any guesses?

Redistricting Reform in Illinois Invites Lawsuit

Illinois: A battle over a referendum to install an independent redistricting commission has ensued in Illinois.  Reformers are running up against staunch opposition to a plan to that would create a bi-partisan redistricting commission. Read more.

Gerrymandering Explained by MTV

How does MTV explain gerrymandering to its core audience? With Oreo cookies of course.  Other snacks are used to portray how students in a class my divided based on their common snack interests.  The analogy leaves out crucial one-person one-vote issues, but provides a quick visual into the electoral map-drawing process.  Despite the shaky electoral analogies,… Read More ›

Arizona County Announces Reform Commission After Primary Election Disaster

Arizona – After a fiasco of a primary election, Maricopa County, Arizona will establish a new election reform commission to provide “oversight” over election officials.  Maricopa’s election “disaster” included long waiting lines to vote after a nearly 70% decrease in polling places, errors on the ballots, and flawed registration procedures.  The Phoenix New Times reports the… Read More ›