Month: June 2016

Book Review: Daley’s “Rat**cked” Tackles Redistricting Through the Decades

New York – Pulitzer prize-winning writer Elizabeth Kolbert and staff writer for the New Yorker, reviews this book: “Ratf**ked,” detailing the Republican party’s Redistricting Majority Project or “REDMAP.” This was a strategic effort beginning decades ago to realign the electoral map in favor the party.  Written by David Daley, editor of – the book describes… Read More ›

Virginia Mistakenly Restored Voting Rights to “Worst Sexual Predators”

Virginia – Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s April restoration of voting rights to felons that have completed their full sentence, hit a snafu last week when it was discovered that a small group of “ineligible” people had been inadvertently put on the list of eligible voters; Sex offenders who have been civilly committed to a treatment facility. Read… Read More ›

In Kansas, Some May Only Vote for “Federal” Candidates

Kansas – The federal lawsuit currently pending over Kansas’s 2013 voter identification law has some voters able to vote only for federal candidates on the ballot.

North Carolina Voter ID Law On Appeal

North Carolina – The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled oral argument this week on the challenge to the state’s Voter Identification requirement for registering to vote.  The 2013 changes in the law include: a photo identification requirement a reduced early voting period elimination of same-day registration during the early voting period; and disqualification… Read More ›

Prison Gerrymandering Decision Halted in Rhode Island

Cranston, Rhode Island – A federal appeals court has temporarily halted a lower court decision and order to redraw the city’s legislative boundaries pending an appellate hearing. A U.S. District Court had found that the Cranston city ward map violated the equal population mandate required under the U.S. Constitution by including the local (nonvoting) prison… Read More ›

ACLU Warns of Voter Intimidation in Northern California County

California – The ACLU of California issued this press release (below) last week regarding the possible voter intimidation of Hmong (voters whose ethnic origins are from the mountainous regions of China and Vietnam) living in the northern regions of the state. Media Contact: (415) 621-2493 ( Since last Friday, the ACLU of California’s Voting Rights Project has been working… Read More ›

City in Orange County California Skips Court and Abolishes At-Large Voting

San Juan Capistrano, CA – This town of around 35,000 in Orange County, California boasts a burgeoning Latino population of nearly 40%. City council members have been historically elected at-large by city voters, but a recent lawsuit field by a Latino voting rights group sparked debate and in the end, city officials agreed to elect council members… Read More ›

Advocacy Groups in Wisconsin Want A Court Order Allowing Voters Without ID To Vote

Madison, Wisconsin – A 2011 voter identification law is still tied up in court, even after clearing at least one challenge in federal court.  Civil rights and voter’s groups are still aiming for the law however, and have requested the court to issue a temporary order that would allow voters without the proper to identification,… Read More ›

NAACP-LDF Releases Catalog of Voting Law Changes Since Shelby Decision

Washington, DC – Last week the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund released this report detailing state, county, and local voting changes proposed or implemented,  during the past three years since the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder halting the Department of Justice’s preclearance system that operated to preapprove voting changes made by… Read More ›

Virginia Supreme Court to Mull Governor’s Felon Voting Rights Expansion

Virginia – The Virginia Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s April order restoring voting rights to over 200,000 of the state’s felons in a special session scheduled for Tuesday, July 19. The Virginia Attorney General plans a four-point defense of the governor’s authority under the State constitution to restore felon… Read More ›