Several Ohio Election Administration Practices Invalidated by Courts

Cuyahoga Co. Ohio Board of Elections. Photo: The Atlantic

Ohio – A federal judge blocked several restrictions on the casting and counting of absentee ballots instituted by the Republican Secretary of State.  This is the second defeat to GOP-backed voting restrictions in the state in the last two weeks.

  • GOP voting procedures have been rebuffed on constitutional grounds by both Democrat and Republican judges.  Officials still plan to appeal. Read more in the Columbus Dispatch.
  • Another federal judge restored the state’s elimination of a specific time period that eligible voters could register and cast an absentee ballot on the same day. A shortened early voting period was also restored. Read more in the Columbus Dispatch.
  • The federal judge in this latest case commented extensively on the political and racial undertones of the administrative procedures adopted by Ohio officials. Read more in the Columbus Dispatch.
  • Evidence heard by the court included an email from a top Republican official referring to the “urban voter turnout machine.” Read/watch more at
  • A recent Reuters study of voter purging practices in Ohio, a critical swing state in presidential elections – found widespread disparities in who gets purged and who does not.

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