Texas Attorney General’s Statement on Redistricting Court Ruling

Texas – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released this statement on Monday regarding a federal district court panel’s 2-1 ruling that finds several congressional districts drawn by the Texas legislature to be unconstitutional.  Click here for more analysis of the case:

“We respectfully disagree with the redistricting panel’s majority decision.  As Fifth Circuit Judge Jerry Smith observed in his dissent, the challenge to the old 2011 maps – which were never in effect – is moot.  The maps currently in use are not the ones adopted by the Texas Legislature in 2011, which are the subject of the court’s opinion.  The Legislature adopted the court drawn 2012 maps in 2013.  The court was under a direct order from the Supreme Court to draw lawful districts.  The adoption of those maps in 2013 mooted any issue with the 2011 maps.  There are no lines to redraw.  Accordingly, we are confident we will prevail in this case.”

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