Georgia’s Mid-Decade Redistricting Causes a Stir

Georgia – Traditionally reserved for the beginning of the decade, redistricting is on the table again in Georgia as a proposal for new House districts has cleared that chamber and is being considered in the Georgia senate.  As a practical matter, redistricting usually only happens once in a decade.  Although, in most states there is no law that would limit it to that, the task is such a delicate, complex and highly controversial one that most do not dare to go through it any more than they have to.

Georgia’s republican controlled legislature has got the attention of former attorney general Eric Holder, whose new post at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is dedicated to a national strategy of preserving and growing Democratic legislative power in state legislatures as a counter to the Republican party’s successful REDMAP efforts over the last decade.  Read more coverage in:

The DailyKos: Wow: Nervous Georgia GOP re-gerrymanders state House to protect vulnerable Republicans

Slate: Georgia Republicans Pass Racial Gerrymander to Kick Black Voters Out of GOP Districts

The Missoulian: Former AG Holder blasts Georgia redistricting ‘power grab’ 

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