Redistrictingonline Monthly Redistricting Update (March 2017)


Roll Call interviews National Democratic Redistricting Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward about its strategy going into 2020: Watch: Inside the Democrat Party’s National Redistricting Strategy  


Late in 2016, PBS’s American Law Journal gave an in-depth treatment of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.  Hosts interview lawmakers, review the technology behind redistricting and cover reform efforts: Watch: PBS Covers Pennsylvania Gerrymandering and Reform In-Depth


Six years in the making, a federal district court panel released its opinion late last month in the long arduous litigation we call Texas Redistricting.  We explain what that means and survey the news coverage in  Texas Congressional Districts Invalidated by Federal Court: News Coverage

What are the next steps in the drawn-out litigation for Texas’s Legislative and congressional maps? Is a remedy in sight? Or is it too late? We discuss the possibilities: What’s Next in Texas Redistricting

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released this statement shortly after a federal district court’s ruling finding several congressional districts drawn by the Texas legislature to be unconstitutional.  Read the statement in Texas Attorney General’s Statement on Redistricting Court Ruling

A state court rejected the remaining challenges against the work of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, ending a long battle over its maps and the commission’s authority to draw maps. Read the details in  Court Sides with Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission


Redistricting reform is alive and well in the commonwealth.  In this article, listen to NPR interview the executive director of One Virginia 2021, a nonpartisan organization that’s challenging the constitutionality of 11 state legislative district boundaries.  Listen: NPR Spotlights Redistricting Reform in Virginia


Mid-decade redistricting raises its ugly head in Georgia as a proposal for new House districts has cleared that chamber and is being considered in the Georgia senate.  Read about it in Georgia’s Mid-Decade Redistricting Causes a Stir

Local Redistricting

The Lee County school board is debating whether redistricting is needed to elect a minority to its school board, which represents a county that is 55% minority, this editorial describes the complexity of such a decision:  A Redistricting Dilemma for a Florida School Board

Knowledge Central

If you ever wanted to know the history of redistricting/gerrymandering in North Carolina but only have 2 minutes, this is the video for you.  The Charlotte Observer Politics & Government section produced this helpful video:    Watch: A Short History of Congressional Redistricting in North Carolina


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