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Understanding Prison Gerrymandering and Its Cure: Prisoner Reallocation

Long overlooked in the context of redistricting, prisoners are counted by the U.S. Census Bureau as residents of the institutions they are incarcerated in. The goal of redistricting electoral boundaries at the state and local levels is to create equally populated districts that ensure every voter’s vote has equal weight in an election. A consensus… Read More ›

Three Current Voting Rights Cases Explained in Plain Terms

Stanford Law Review president Michael Mestitz explains three Voting Rights Act cases before the Supreme Court this term in layman’s terms. Read the article here.

Language Minority Provisions of the Voting Right Act

The U.S. population is becoming increasingly diverse. Many regions have significant populations for which English is not their first language, to address this the Voting Rights Act was amended to include the minority language provisions of section 203. Section 203 of the VRA requires registration or voting notices, forms, instructions, assistance, or other materials or… Read More ›

Redistricting Explained in a 1 Minute Video

This video explains the process of redistricting on the state level.

Reapportionment Explained in a 2 Minute Video

The U.S. Census Bureau explains the reapportionment process which occurs every decade.