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A Redistricting Dilemma for a Florida School Board

March 19, 2017

Lee County, Florida – The Lee County school board is debating whether redistricting is needed to elect a minority to its school board, which represents a county that is 55% minority.  A recent Supreme Court case, politics, and general confusion about redistricting has delayed any action so far.  This editorial in the News-Press gives a… Read More ›

Texas Federal Court Imposes Preclearance on City of Pasadena

Pasadena, Texas – The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas in this ruling invalidated the city’s move from an eight-member district redistricting map to a mixed map of six single member districts and two at-large seats for electing its city council.  The court’s finding of minority vote dilution (of Hispanic voters) under… Read More ›

Navajo Lawsuit Against Off-Reservation Polling Places Survives Motion to Dismiss

Utah – Residents of a Navajo reservation have filed suit against San Juan county election officials after polling places were closed in and around the reservation.  While county voters may mail-in their ballots, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that there is no “in-person” voting available on the reservation, and this interferes with the reservation… Read More ›

City in Orange County California Skips Court and Abolishes At-Large Voting

San Juan Capistrano, CA – This town of around 35,000 in Orange County, California boasts a burgeoning Latino population of nearly 40%. City council members have been historically elected at-large by city voters, but a recent lawsuit field by a Latino voting rights group sparked debate and in the end, city officials agreed to elect council members… Read More ›

Augusta City Election Officials Perplexed at Running Elections Without DOJ Supervision

In this local news story, election officials in Augusta City, GA remain befuddled about how to proceed with elections without having to report to the Justice Dept. on their every move. Apparently, the preclearance process has become such an institution in the city, official are at a loss on how to proceed.

Strange Alliances in Fayetteville Voting Rights Lawsuit

Fayetteville, Georgia – Fayetteville’s school board and board of commissioners reluctantly have decided to do away with at-large voting. Ironically, some blacks are not happy with a decision that was meant to benefit them. This article in the Atlanta-Journal-Constitution details the not so typical suburb’s unique politics. Read more.

Yakima City Council Settles on ACLU Map

Washington: On Tuesday, the Yakima City Council decided not to appeal a recent federal court decision overturning its at-large election system and approving a district map drawn by one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit; the ACLU. Read more in the Yakima Herald Republic.

Lawsuit Alleges Prison Gerrymandering in Florida County

The ACLU of Florida has launched a salvo against prison gerrymandering. It filed this lawsuit against a Florida county’s inclusion of a state prison in its legislative map. The press release is below. March 9, 2015 MIAMI, FL – Today, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida filed a federal lawsuit challenging an election… Read More ›

ACLU Files Voting Rights Lawsuit in Fullerton, CA

Fullerton, CA: The ACLU  filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of Asian voters in the city of Fullerton, California. The suit alleges that Fullerton’s at-large style elections impede the ability of Asian voters to elect their preferred candidates. Unlike, its lawsuit in Yakima, WA, this complaint is based on the California Voting Rights Act as opposed to… Read More ›

New Developments in Yakima, WA Vote Dilution Case

Yakima, WA: The Yakima city council voted this week to give themselves more time to decide if the council will appeal a recent federal court ruling invalidating its at-large method of electing city council members. The Hispanic population in the city is 42% and Hispanic voters had been unable to an elect a candidate of… Read More ›