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Watch: Inside the Democrat Party’s National Redistricting Strategy

March 20, 2017

National: Roll Call interviews National Democratic Redistricting Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward about its strategy going into 2020.

Georgia’s Mid-Decade Redistricting Causes a Stir

Georgia – Traditionally reserved for the beginning of the decade, redistricting is on the table again in Georgia as a proposal for new House districts has cleared that chamber and is being considered in the Georgia senate.  As a practical matter, redistricting usually only happens once in a decade.  Although, in most states there is no… Read More ›

Meet The Democrat’s Secret Redistricting Weapon in 2020

Watch MSNBC interview Kelly Ward, former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee about her new role as the Democrat party’s answer to the wildly successful national Republican redistricting strategy.   Ward is interim executive director of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, – a project of President Obama and former Attorney General, Eric Holder –… Read More ›

Efficiency Gap Analysis Gets This Early Critique from Princeton Professor

Princeton biophysics professor San Wang has an early critique of Efficiency Gap analysis (EG) – a method for measuring partisan gerrymandering that received unexpected support from a federal district court panel in Western Wisconsin this past week. 

VA State Supreme Court Blocks Executive Order Restoring Voting Rights to Felons

Virginia – On Friday, Virginia’s state supreme court blocked governor Terry McAuliffe’s move to restore voting rights to felons that have completed their sentence in a scathing 4-3 opinion that chided the state’s top executive for the “unprecedented scope, magnitude, and categorical nature” of the executive order. Read more in the Wall Street Journal. The court emphasized… Read More ›

(Video) Court to Decide Illinois Redistricting Reform Fate Soon

Illinois – Redistricting reform in Illinois will soon get a decision from a court on whether a proposed 11 member redistricting commission can be submitted to voters as a ballot initiative for an up or down vote.  Listen to this local ABC news station interview a representative from the reform group behind the ballot measure on… Read More ›

North Carolina Voter ID Law On Appeal

North Carolina – The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled oral argument this week on the challenge to the state’s Voter Identification requirement for registering to vote.  The 2013 changes in the law include: a photo identification requirement a reduced early voting period elimination of same-day registration during the early voting period; and disqualification… Read More ›

City in Orange County California Skips Court and Abolishes At-Large Voting

San Juan Capistrano, CA – This town of around 35,000 in Orange County, California boasts a burgeoning Latino population of nearly 40%. City council members have been historically elected at-large by city voters, but a recent lawsuit field by a Latino voting rights group sparked debate and in the end, city officials agreed to elect council members… Read More ›