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Weekly Redistricting Update

November 17, 2015

Florida: State Legislature Cries “Uncle,” Gives Up On a Legislative District Map Last week the Florida Legislature ended its second special redistricting session without a map for state senate districts. Senate leaders are throwing the issue back to the court, and have proposed that the court have a special master draw the map. This “proposal”… Read More ›

Weekly Update

Florida: Special Session for Redistricting Begins With its congressional map tied up in the courts, legislators in Florida have convened a another special session to redraw state senate lines in an effort to head off court invalidation. It is scheduled to last three weeks and state news organizations report it is likely to be a… Read More ›

Quarterly Redistricting Update: January 2015

Arizona    October 2014– The Supreme Court agreed to hear the Arizona State Legislature’s case against the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission – formed in 2000 when voters approved Proposition 106. This proposition amended the state constitution to assign the redistricting function to a 5 member body. The seminal question in this case is whether the U.S. Constitution’s Elections… Read More ›

Quarterly Redistricting Update: October 2014

Florida Fair Districts Case In early July, a circuit court judge in Tallahassee ruled Florida’s congressional map did indeed violate the state’s Fair Districts amendments outlawing partisan influenced linedrawing. The 5th and 10th congressional districts were singled out by the court as requiring modification. The judge added that Florida’s Republican legislature made a “mockery” of… Read More ›