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Federal District Court in Alabama Strikes Down 12 State Legislative Districts on Remand

Alabama – A U.S. District Court panel invalidated a substantial portion of the Alabama state legislative district map after considering the racial gerrymandering challenge on remand from the U.S. Supreme Court.   

Hearing Date Set On Alabama Voter ID Lawsuit

Montgomery, Alabama – February 11th is the date a U.S. District judge has set for a hearing on whether to order a preliminary injunction requested by Greater Birmingham Ministries to suspend application of the state’s voter identification law. Read more in the Montgomery Advertiser.

Alabama Closes DMV Offices After Voter ID Enacted. Democrats Cry Foul

Controversy is brewing over an ill-timed executive decision affecting Alabama DMV offices.

Supreme Court Looks Past Weak Pleadings to Find Potential Racial Gerrymander in Alabama Map

The Supreme Court’s recent opinion remanding a challenge by Black state officials to the 2012 Alabama Legislative district map back to a federal district court is relatively short for a majority opinion but chock full of legal nuggets as the justices’ focused on several bases for returning this case back to a lower court to… Read More ›

Supreme Court May Resurrect Alabama Legislative Black Caucus’ Equal Population Claims

The Alabama Legislative Black Caucus’ Supreme Court Case was late last year, and focused on whether that state’s 2012 legislative redistricting plan was an unconstitutional racial gerrymander. Interestingly, there was a second question presented in the case at the district court level: “whether the 2012 redistricting plans allocate control of local delegations in a manner… Read More ›

Three Current Voting Rights Cases Explained in Plain Terms

Stanford Law Review president Michael Mestitz explains three Voting Rights Act cases before the Supreme Court this term in layman’s terms. Read the article here.

Jesse Jackson Calls Shelby Decision a “Game Changer”

In this interview with (Alabama) Rev. Jesse Jackson voices his concerns about media coverage – or lack thereof,  on the Supreme Court’s Shelby County decision. Calling it a “game-changer,” Jackson says it is already leading to re-segregation.

Listen: Supreme Court Oral Argument in Alabama Racial Gerrymander Case

  Listen to the Supreme Court’s oral arguments in the consolidated cases; Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. Alabama and  Alabama Democratic Conference v. Alabama. Democratic lawmakers in the Alabama legislature claim the Republican-led legislature packed Black voters into state legislative districts to dilute their voting power resulting in an unconstitutional racial gerrymander. The court heard oral arguments… Read More ›

Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Alabama Gerrymander is a Racial or Partisan One.

NPR previews Ala. Legis. Black Caucus v. Alabama; a claim alleging that the Alabama state legislature’s 2010 legislative redistricting map is a racial gerrymander. Alabama says the Voting Rights Act made them create the map. Listen below.