(Video) Court to Decide Illinois Redistricting Reform Fate Soon

Illinois – Redistricting reform in Illinois will soon get a decision from a court on whether a proposed 11 member redistricting commission can be submitted to voters as a ballot initiative for an up or down vote.  Listen to this local ABC news station interview a representative from the reform group behind the ballot measure on […]

Redistricting Reform in Illinois Invites Lawsuit

Illinois: A battle over a referendum to install an independent redistricting commission has ensued in Illinois.  Reformers are running up against staunch opposition to a plan to that would create a bi-partisan redistricting commission. Read more.

Redistricting Conundrums, Chicago Style

The Chicago City Council approved a new ward map in 2012 amid the usual accusations and claims of partisan dealing. There were complaints that wards 2 and 36 were vicious gerrymanders and good government groups complained of little transparency during the process. Criticisms like these are typical after any map is enacted since redistricting is […]