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Will the Next Independent Redistricting Commission be in Delaware?

At least two members of the state’s General Assembly think so.  A bill to create a nine-member citizens redistricting commission is progressing through the legislature.  It is not clear how much support the legislation has or what its chances are of passing.  Read more here.

Court Sides with Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

Maricopa County, Arizona – A Superior Court judge has rejected the remaining challenges against the work of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.  Plaintiffs had challenged the commission’s process and accused the commission of violating state open meeting laws.  The Supreme Court ruled in the commission’s favor in June of 2015.  There is no word yet… Read More ›

Sacramento Ponders Independent Redistricting Commission after 2011 Drama

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento City Council does not want a repeat of the tumultuous 2011 redistricting process.  Last week, the council passed a local law that if approved by residents, would establish the Independent Redistricting Act. Read more in the Sacramento News and Review.

Redistricting Reform in Illinois Invites Lawsuit

Illinois: A battle over a referendum to install an independent redistricting commission has ensued in Illinois.  Reformers are running up against staunch opposition to a plan to that would create a bi-partisan redistricting commission. Read more.

Will the Court’s Arizona Decision Spawn More Independent Commissions?

Now that the Supreme Court has sanctioned Independent Redistricting Commissions brought about by voter ballot intiatives, will more states follow? Is this an effective way to thwart Republican gerrymanders? Michael Sargeant and Mark Schauer ponder these questions in this article in The Hill Blog. They point out that ballot initiatives are not widely available among the… Read More ›

Print News Coverage of the Supreme Court’s Arizona Redistricting Commission Decision Monday

 Print News Coverage of the Supreme Court’s Arizona Redistricting Commission Decision Monday SCOTUSBLOG: Chief Justices’ Robert’s broad stance on the meaning of “Legislature” in the Arizona Redistricting case versus a narrow reading of “Legislature” in his Affordable Care Act case dissent. NPR: Law Prof. Rick Hasen speaks to NPR about Chief Justice Robert’s dissent and… Read More ›

Listen to Supreme Court Oral Argument in the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Case

Last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. The case revolves around the Republican-led legislatures’ challenge to a state constitutional amendment that voters passed by initiative in 2000 giving a bipartisan commission control over redrawing Arizona’s state and congressional district boundaries. While there are some initial… Read More ›

Early Analysis of Supreme Court Oral Argument in Arizona Redistricting Case

Hear are early assessments of the Supreme Court’s oral argument yesterday in Arizona Legislative Black Caucus v. Arizona. Click the links for analysis. SCOTUSBLOG: Argument analysis: Literalism vs. the power of the people NYT: Court Skeptical of Arizona Plan for Less-Partisan Congressional Redistricting NPR: Supreme Court Seems Divided Over Independent Redistricting Commissions Politico: High Court… Read More ›