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Several Ohio Election Administration Practices Invalidated by Courts

Ohio – A federal judge blocked several restrictions on the casting and counting of absentee ballots instituted by the Republican Secretary of State.  This is the second defeat to GOP-backed voting restrictions in the state in the last two weeks. GOP voting procedures have been rebuffed on constitutional grounds by both Democrat and Republican judges.  Officials still… Read More ›

Weekly Update

Florida: Special Session for Redistricting Begins With its congressional map tied up in the courts, legislators in Florida have convened a another special session to redraw state senate lines in an effort to head off court invalidation. It is scheduled to last three weeks and state news organizations report it is likely to be a… Read More ›

Redistricting Reform Moves Through Ohio Legislature

Republicans have controlled state redistricting in Ohio for the past three decades through control of Ohio Apportionment Board. They are ceding a good deal of that power over redistricting by passing a reform bill last month that would give the minority substantial say over the final map. The bill ” . . . would add two… Read More ›