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Evenwel May Just Be an Awful Can of Worms

Victoria Bassetti, writing for Brennan Center in this article titled “Supreme Court Redistricting Case Is New Front in Voting Wars,” speaks eloquently about the dangerous thinking behind the Evenwel case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. If the powers that be actually have a choice on what population base to use when redistricting, won’t politics… Read More ›

Supreme Ct Preview: Persily Amicus Brief on the One Person One Vote Requirement

In this latest Supreme Court case Evenwel v. Abbott, exploring the claim that political redistricting should focus on balancing the number of eligible voters in the population across districts as opposed to total population, several amicus briefs have been submitted by interested parties. None other than Nathaniel Persily; Stanford Law professor and a sought after… Read More ›

Redistricting Population Controversy: Pits Rural Against Urban

Vice President of litigation at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Nina Perales writes this article in the Washington Post’s “In Theory” series urging the Supreme Court to maintain total population as an acceptable standard for drawing political districts.

Redistricting Population Controversy: A Demographer’s View

Demographer and redistricting consultant Peter A. Morrison writes this article in the Washington Post’s “In Theory” segment urging the Supreme Court to require political districts be drawn so that “eligible voters” are equally distributed across them as opposed to the general population.