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Watch: Inside the Democrat Party’s National Redistricting Strategy

National: Roll Call interviews National Democratic Redistricting Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward about its strategy going into 2020.

Watch: A Short History of Congressional Redistricting in North Carolina

North Carolina – From the Charlotte Observer Politics & Government section:

Georgia’s Mid-Decade Redistricting Causes a Stir

Georgia – Traditionally reserved for the beginning of the decade, redistricting is on the table again in Georgia as a proposal for new House districts has cleared that chamber and is being considered in the Georgia senate.  As a practical matter, redistricting usually only happens once in a decade.  Although, in most states there is no… Read More ›

A Redistricting Dilemma for a Florida School Board

Lee County, Florida – The Lee County school board is debating whether redistricting is needed to elect a minority to its school board, which represents a county that is 55% minority.  A recent Supreme Court case, politics, and general confusion about redistricting has delayed any action so far.  This editorial in the News-Press gives a… Read More ›

Texas Congressional Districts Invalidated by Federal Court: News Coverage

Texas – Six years in the making, the federal district court panel released its opinion late last week in the long arduous litigation we call Texas Redistricting.  This 2-1 decision is only the beginning since it is in regard to the state legislature’s 2011 map, which has since been replaced.  The court has yet to… Read More ›

Maryland Judge Orders Legislative Leaders to Testify in Partisan Gerrymandering Case

Maryland – Nearly four years after Bethesda, Md. resident Stephen M. Shapiro and other Maryland voters filed a partisan gerrymandering lawsuit against Maryland’s congressional district map, a judge has ordered the Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates and the President of the Maryland Senate to testify in the case and turn over documents, rejecting… Read More ›

Supreme Court Orders Stay in North Carolina Redistricting Case

Washington DC – The full text of the order is below:   TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017 ORDER IN PENDING CASE 16A646 NORTH CAROLINA, ET AL. V. SANDRA LITTLE COVINGTON, ET AL. The application for stay of the order of the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, case No. 1:15-CV-399, entered… Read More ›

Duke University Team Dabbles with Its Own Algorithm for Measuring Partisan Gerrymandering

North Carolina – It isn’t Efficiency Gap Analysis, but a team of mathematicians at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy have applied its own model (Markov Chain Monte Carlo method) to measuring the extent of partisan gerrymanders.  The algorithm produces maps with districts that have proven to be comparably more competitive than the actual… Read More ›

Judicial Watch to Defend Voters Challenging Constitutionality of Maryland’s Congressional Redistricting Maps

WASHINGTON, DC–( July 08, 2016) – A special, three-judge panel will consider a constitutional challenge to Maryland’s gerrymandered congressional district map on Tuesday, July 12. Judicial Watch Attorney Robert Popper will appear before the panel on behalf of voters from each of Maryland’s eight congressional districts. The plaintiffs challenging Maryland’s congressional district plan include Maryland… Read More ›

Olsen’s Algorithm: Computerized Redistricting for Maximum Compactness

This Washington Post article suggests that “compactness” trumps everything else in redistricting. It gives better outcomes than drawing lines around communities of interest and it beats the network of voting rights laws on the book. Take a look at what maps would look like if they were drawn for optimal compactness. Read more.