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Michigan Launches Anti-Gerrymandering Campaign on Four Fronts

Michigan –  The Voters Not Politicians Ballot Committee is looking to end partisan gerrymandering in the state for good.  The group, including Wayne State University political science professor Kevin Deegan-Krause, will be heading up a good government initiative to end gerrymandering using (1) a ballot initiative; (2) legislation introduced in the state legislature; (3) a lawsuit claiming… Read More ›

Redistrictingonline Monthly Redistricting Update (March 2017)

Politics Roll Call interviews National Democratic Redistricting Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward about its strategy going into 2020: Watch: Inside the Democrat Party’s National Redistricting Strategy   In-Depth Late in 2016, PBS’s American Law Journal gave an in-depth treatment of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.  Hosts interview lawmakers, review the technology behind redistricting and cover reform efforts: Watch: PBS Covers Pennsylvania… Read More ›

Watch: PBS Covers Pennsylvania Gerrymandering and Reform In-Depth

Harrisburg, Pa – Late in 2016, PBS’s American Law Journal gives an in-depth treatment of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.  Hosts interview lawmakers, review the technology behind redistricting and covers reform efforts.

Listen: NPR Spotlights Redistricting Reform in Virginia

Virginia – NPR interviews the  executive director of One Virginia 2021, a nonpartisan organization that’s challenging the constitutionality of 11 state legislative district boundaries.      

(Video) Court to Decide Illinois Redistricting Reform Fate Soon

Illinois – Redistricting reform in Illinois will soon get a decision from a court on whether a proposed 11 member redistricting commission can be submitted to voters as a ballot initiative for an up or down vote.  Listen to this local ABC news station interview a representative from the reform group behind the ballot measure on… Read More ›

Colorado Redistricting Reform Fails

Colorado – The State’s Supreme Court has thrown out two constitutional ballot measures that would have changed how Colorado draws its congressional and state legislative maps. A 4-3 decision ruled that the measures were in violation of the state constitution’s “single-subject” rule. The measures would have established a 12- member nonpartisan commission to redraw congressional and state… Read More ›

Redistricting Reform in Illinois Invites Lawsuit

Illinois: A battle over a referendum to install an independent redistricting commission has ensued in Illinois.  Reformers are running up against staunch opposition to a plan to that would create a bi-partisan redistricting commission. Read more.

Virginia House Committee Tables Redistricting Reform Bill

Richmond– A bill that would require Virginia legislators to redistrict without using political data was stuck down in a House subcommittee Thursday. Senate Bill 840, which passed the Va. senate unanimously, was tabled in the Elections subcommittee of the House Committee on Privileges and Elections. Read more here.