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Redistrictingonline Monthly Redistricting Update (March 2017)

Politics Roll Call interviews National Democratic Redistricting Committee Executive Director Kelly Ward about its strategy going into 2020: Watch: Inside the Democrat Party’s National Redistricting Strategy   In-Depth Late in 2016, PBS’s American Law Journal gave an in-depth treatment of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.  Hosts interview lawmakers, review the technology behind redistricting and cover reform efforts: Watch: PBS Covers Pennsylvania… Read More ›

Listen: NPR Spotlights Redistricting Reform in Virginia

Virginia – NPR interviews the  executive director of One Virginia 2021, a nonpartisan organization that’s challenging the constitutionality of 11 state legislative district boundaries.      

Packing Minorities Into Districts. When Is That Ever Okay?

Washington DC – The Supreme Court will tackle that question today as it hears oral arguments in two redistricting cases.  Both cases are alleged racial gerrymander claims; one orginating from Virginia’s state legislative map and the other from North Carolina’s congressional district map. 

VA State Supreme Court Blocks Executive Order Restoring Voting Rights to Felons

Virginia – On Friday, Virginia’s state supreme court blocked governor Terry McAuliffe’s move to restore voting rights to felons that have completed their sentence in a scathing 4-3 opinion that chided the state’s top executive for the “unprecedented scope, magnitude, and categorical nature” of the executive order. Read more in the Wall Street Journal. The court emphasized… Read More ›

Virginia Mistakenly Restored Voting Rights to “Worst Sexual Predators”

Virginia – Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s April restoration of voting rights to felons that have completed their full sentence, hit a snafu last week when it was discovered that a small group of “ineligible” people had been inadvertently put on the list of eligible voters; Sex offenders who have been civilly committed to a treatment facility. Read… Read More ›

Virginia Supreme Court to Mull Governor’s Felon Voting Rights Expansion

Virginia – The Virginia Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s April order restoring voting rights to over 200,000 of the state’s felons in a special session scheduled for Tuesday, July 19. The Virginia Attorney General plans a four-point defense of the governor’s authority under the State constitution to restore felon… Read More ›

Senators cited for contempt in redistricting case

Lawmakers are challenging a judge’s order to turn over documents, claiming legislative privilege. Source: Senators cited for contempt in redistricting case

Legislative Privilege Slows Down Virginia State Legislative Map Lawsuit

Virginia – Reform organization OneVirginia2021 wants to get into State court and litigate what they say is a heavily gerrymandered State legislative district map.  A bipartisan group of legislators wants to settle the issue of legislative privilege first. That is; whether they have to deliver to their litigation opponents, private communications between themselves and third-party… Read More ›

Supreme Court: Incumbent Congressman Has a Right to His District?

Washington, DC – This was congressman’s Rep. Randy Forbes (R., Va.) argument Monday at the Supreme Court.  In an attempt to overturn a federal court in Richmond’s congressional map, congressman Forbes asserted his right as an incumbent not to have “his” district altered to his disadvantage; a novel legal argument to say the least.  Read the… Read More ›

Weekly Redistricting Update

Florida: State Legislature Cries “Uncle,” Gives Up On a Legislative District Map Last week the Florida Legislature ended its second special redistricting session without a map for state senate districts. Senate leaders are throwing the issue back to the court, and have proposed that the court have a special master draw the map. This “proposal”… Read More ›