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Fourth Circuit: N.C. Voter ID Law Targets Blacks with “Surgical Precision”

North Carolina – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit has overturned the lower court ruling that had upheld North Carolina’s comprehensive voter identification requirements.  The panel commented that this law targeted African-American voters with “surgical precision.” Read the court opinion here. Read more in the Washington Post. Read more in the… Read More ›

Unpacking the Texas Voter ID Decision

Philadelphia, Pa. –  Lyle Denniston of The Nation Constitution Center in Philadelphia writes this thorough review of the Circuit Court’s decision in Veasey et al. v. Abbott, which significantly modifies implementation of Texas’ voter ID law.  It was a 203 page opinion, Denniston details the reasoning of the plurality, concurrences and the dissent. Read more… Read More ›

Meet the Man Behind the Texas Voter ID Lawsuit

Texas – U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey was a state legislator in Texas when that body passed a comprehensive Voter Identification law.  He had misgivings after witnessing the legislative debate and eventually sued.  North Texas public radio’s Rick Holter sat down with Veasey, who represents Texas’ 33rd congressional district, to discuss what brought him to sue and whether… Read More ›

Texas Appeals Court Rejects Voter ID Law. Sort of

Texas – This Wednesday the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a major blow to the 2011 Texas Voter ID law which has been in effect now since 2013.  The main legal challenge against this law, which specifies 7 types of photo identification that must be used to register and vote – has been… Read More ›

Virginia Mistakenly Restored Voting Rights to “Worst Sexual Predators”

Virginia – Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s April restoration of voting rights to felons that have completed their full sentence, hit a snafu last week when it was discovered that a small group of “ineligible” people had been inadvertently put on the list of eligible voters; Sex offenders who have been civilly committed to a treatment facility. Read… Read More ›

In Kansas, Some May Only Vote for “Federal” Candidates

Kansas – The federal lawsuit currently pending over Kansas’s 2013 voter identification law has some voters able to vote only for federal candidates on the ballot.

North Carolina Voter ID Law On Appeal

North Carolina – The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled oral argument this week on the challenge to the state’s Voter Identification requirement for registering to vote.  The 2013 changes in the law include: a photo identification requirement a reduced early voting period elimination of same-day registration during the early voting period; and disqualification… Read More ›

Advocacy Groups in Wisconsin Want A Court Order Allowing Voters Without ID To Vote

Madison, Wisconsin – A 2011 voter identification law is still tied up in court, even after clearing at least one challenge in federal court.  Civil rights and voter’s groups are still aiming for the law however, and have requested the court to issue a temporary order that would allow voters without the proper to identification,… Read More ›

Several Ohio Election Administration Practices Invalidated by Courts

Ohio – A federal judge blocked several restrictions on the casting and counting of absentee ballots instituted by the Republican Secretary of State.  This is the second defeat to GOP-backed voting restrictions in the state in the last two weeks. GOP voting procedures have been rebuffed on constitutional grounds by both Democrat and Republican judges.  Officials still… Read More ›

Alabama Closes DMV Offices After Voter ID Enacted. Democrats Cry Foul

Controversy is brewing over an ill-timed executive decision affecting Alabama DMV offices.