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Advocacy Groups in Wisconsin Want A Court Order Allowing Voters Without ID To Vote

Madison, Wisconsin – A 2011 voter identification law is still tied up in court, even after clearing at least one challenge in federal court.  Civil rights and voter’s groups are still aiming for the law however, and have requested the court to issue a temporary order that would allow voters without the proper to identification,… Read More ›

Several Ohio Election Administration Practices Invalidated by Courts

Ohio – A federal judge blocked several restrictions on the casting and counting of absentee ballots instituted by the Republican Secretary of State.  This is the second defeat to GOP-backed voting restrictions in the state in the last two weeks. GOP voting procedures have been rebuffed on constitutional grounds by both Democrat and Republican judges.  Officials still… Read More ›

How Shelby County v. Holder Will Affect the Latino Community (VIDEO)

Tom Saenz of MALDEF explains at this Brookings Institution Conference.