Meet The Press Tackles the Voting Rights Act Amendment

Its been over 18 months since the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, can Republicans and Democrats bridge the divide on the Voting Rights Act Amendment (VRAA) in Congress? Meet the Press sat down with Sherrilyn Ifill (NAACP-LDEF) and Rep. Charlie Dent R-Pa) last weekend to discuss the possibilities…. Read More ›

Two Congresswomen on the Early Prospects of the VRAA in Congress (VIDEO)

June 2014 – Rep. Sanchez and Rep Fudge discuss the prospects of the VRAA advancing in congress.

Democrat Strategy for Passing the VRAA

January, 2015 – The Hattiesburg American lists several strategies Democrats in congress may use this year to get the Voting Rights Act Amendment Passed. One such strategy includes revising the bill so that it will include Alabama, the state that instigated the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate part of the Act in 2013. Read the… Read More ›

Is the Proposed Voting Rights Act Amendment Constitutionally Defective?

The recently proposed Voting Rights Act Amendment (VRAA) embodies the ambitious purpose of not only reanimating federal preclearance provisions invalidated by the U.S. Supreme Court this past summer, but it also contemplates a more robust method of adding offending states and local jurisdictions to preclearance supervision beyond the coverage formula. While the main purpose of… Read More ›