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Yakima City Council Settles on ACLU Map

Washington: On Tuesday, the Yakima City Council decided not to appeal a recent federal court decision overturning its at-large election system and approving a district map drawn by one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit; the ACLU. Read more in the Yakima Herald Republic.

New Developments in Yakima, WA Vote Dilution Case

Yakima, WA: The Yakima city council voted this week to give themselves more time to decide if the council will appeal a recent federal court ruling invalidating its at-large method of electing city council members. The Hispanic population in the city is 42% and Hispanic voters had been unable to an elect a candidate of… Read More ›

ACLU Seeking Millions in Yakima Voting Rights Lawsuit

The city of Yakima lost a voting rights lawsuit against its at-large city council elections. Now the ACLU, which filed the lawsuit – wants court costs and attorneys fees. The group is asking for $2.8 million in its court filing.

Judge Chooses ACLU Map for Yakima, Washington City Council

Its official, the Yakima, Washington city council will now elect its members from seven single-member districts, two of which will have large Latino voting populations. The city had been sued by the ACLU for its at-large voting system and the effect it had on the Latino community. A federal district court found in favor the… Read More ›

Quarterly Redistricting Update: January 2015

Arizona    October 2014– The Supreme Court agreed to hear the Arizona State Legislature’s case against the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission – formed in 2000 when voters approved Proposition 106. This proposition amended the state constitution to assign the redistricting function to a 5 member body. The seminal question in this case is whether the U.S. Constitution’s Elections… Read More ›

Quarterly Redistricting Update: October 2014

Florida Fair Districts Case In early July, a circuit court judge in Tallahassee ruled Florida’s congressional map did indeed violate the state’s Fair Districts amendments outlawing partisan influenced linedrawing. The 5th and 10th congressional districts were singled out by the court as requiring modification. The judge added that Florida’s Republican legislature made a “mockery” of… Read More ›